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February 23, 2020

Precious family and lovers of Jesus,

We are in the final day of a very powerful time here in Colombia. Many came to Jesus ...and as they did... many were healed from all sorts of maladies and cancer and diabetes and heart conditions and joint problems ... families were restored... prodigals returned to the Father’s house.

The team, as well experienced great encouragement and joy as they poured into the Colombian people... with a number of Venezuelan here as well. We even had the privilege to watch the Kingdom extend into the lives of other nations like Germany, United States, United Kingdom and Ecuador.  The hunger and desire of the Colombian people is ripe for harvest! The Colombian team as well have joined with us in seeing powerful release in their own nation!

The entire missions trip has been transmitted on the radio, internet and TV which had resulted in fruit of salvation, deliverance, and healings therefor throughout the Nation. The radio station is a part of the ministry that invited us here during this Carnivale (Mardi Gras) season. The city swells during this time by hundreds of thousands from all over the world. It was here we found ourselves in the midst of a huge harvest. 

Today, we finish our time with back to back services that will again be transmitted to a massive audience that this radio station reaches (it is one of the largest in the nation).

We are intending to return again, Lord willing, June 14-21, 2020 with a slightly larger team that can impact a greater part of this region and nation.

You sowed into this with your prayer, your generosity and your love for Jesus and the message that He has given to all of us to carry. Thank you. May the Lord multiply back to you the blessings that have unfolded in seeing our God move in so many ways in the lives of others.

Please continue to pray for us as we journey home to the USA. Next month I will be ministering in Australia as well as the ongoing release throughout New England and in the USA.

Much Love,


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