Who are we?
We are a people... a tribe... simply following the Lamb wherever He goes...

The first vision was all the way back in 1987. A Mountain that grew from flat land and would grow huge until it erupted across the Region, across the Nation, and around the World. We were living in South Carolina at that point and had no idea of what God would do. His words to me have always been "It's much bigger than you think!" He continues to confirm that everyday! We would move to North Carolina to pastor a church in 1999 and then in 2003, under the direction of the Lord.... with prophetic words being given by many, including the prophet Bob Jones... we returned to South Carolina to "see this thing happen!" After learning to love the few people who gathered around us ... about 12 on a good day... In October 1995 we held our first conference. About 1,000 signed up so we had to meet in a borrowed church, with borrowed worship teams, and we were overwhelmed. On the first night before he started to speak, Surprise Sithole from Africa said, "Danny, do you know why God is blessing this?" I responded that I had no idea. He responded and said, "It's because you don't know what you are doing. You must not ever learn how!" That phrase would become the foundation of Mountain of Worship. We simply wanted to follow the Lamb whereever He went. The journey has been a joy! **(see below)

In 2012, Karen and I left a MOWTeam in South Carolina and Georgia (that continues to flourish and grow), and we made our way to New England to fulfill our assignment there. Our focus has been on establishing MOWGroups (or House Churches), Merge's (Regional Transdenominational Gatherings for Worship & Ministry), Tribe (local direct impact congregations of disciples making disciples), and Congregations (local church plants and adoptees). Our intent is fully to infect the World in which we live with Jesus... and infect the World that everyone else lives in with Jesus too! The impact has been amazing, because Jesus has walked with us through the process and been faithful as MOWTeams have engaged in gathering after gathering throughout New England (including New York), the South, the West Coast, the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest, the Southwest, and in Brazil, Colombia, Poland, South Africa, United Kingdom, Tanzania, Canada, Taiwan, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Australia. 

In the coming days our desire is to be where you are... fully immersed in the richness of His Joyful Kingdom! If you are one of those called to such a Mountain...  we welcome you to this wonderful family... the Tribe of MOW! 



"There is coming a day, it’s at the point of culmination and restoration of all things, where there will be something so huge in the earth … something so overwhelmingly big of God and the place He has chosen to rest… the place He speaks from, moves from, and overwhelmingly demonstrates His Goodness, His Perfectness, His Power, His Love, and the simplicity of the fact that He is God and nobody... no group, nation, organization, or facet of society will be able to come remotely close to what He will demonstrate through this place.
It’s called ‘The Mountain’ and it’s not subject to anything… including all the other mountains put together… it’s huge and it’s powerful! It will be seen higher and more visible than any other mountain, including the seven mountains… including governments, nations, powerful influences and societal trend setters and cultural shapers… when people throughout the earth see this… when the revelation hits that this is the focus of God… this is what He really wants… they will drop everything and come… it will be the biggest display and procession the world has ever known since the creation of the world! It will be an answer to God’s dream as generations and nations, like rivers, flow up the Mountain of The Lord… rather than simply experiencing what flows from it… they will receive the invite of the Lord that was forsaken by previous generations to be close to God, with all of His thunderings and lightnings and Presence!
Many… a whole lot of many… are going to become very vocal as they recognize the distractions that have carried people in every direction except this one, and they are going initiate the invite God gave to His People from the beginning!"

**Why we do things the way we do things...

Several years ago the Lord spoke to me. “Bylaws and Constitutions were written to prepare for My absence. If it’s not me doing it, don’t keep it going!”


As followers of Jesus, we have come to the understanding that He is our Chief Shepherd, His Father is ours too, and that The Holy Spirit is the administrator, director, and leader of His Church.

We fully embrace the notion that The Holy Spirit is fully aware of the direction and decisions that need to be made, capable of leading and directing in those decisions, and we are willing to abide by His leadership even when we are not fully cognizant of that direction.

We purposefully have chosen to remain dependent on His complete intervention in the affairs of Mountain Of Worship and our individual lives, believing that if He is leading, He is not looking to abdicate that role and release it to a lesser authority with human frailty, discernment, and judgment.

We choose to abide by the notion and highest principle of love that brings us to humility, teachability, and service to one another and the purposes of Heaven on the earth.

We are fully aware that we, as humans, are desperate for, and dependent on, His revelation, His Word, and His leading in all affairs of our personal and in the community of believers that are known as MOWFamily.

We gladly acknowledge the fact that we are not fully aware of all the parameters of practice, order, purpose, and parameters of His leading, and have chosen to remain submissive to Him in all our ways and practices.

We have come to know that although His ways and thoughts are perfectly correct, because of our human frailty and imperfect perception, we sometimes find His works, ways, and directions places us in an awkward, yet Holy place. We are grateful for this Holy awkward lifestyle that keeps us childlike in His Presence.

We have chosen to pursue and remain in a place where our gatherings and our lives together reflect Him and if there is no direction, we will remain at peace with that desperate place of waiting for His direction until it occurs.

Basically it means this in two very simple bylaws:

1. We don’t know what we are doing (but He does know what HE IS DOING!)
2. We are going to pursue that notion in our gatherings!