Who we are...
What is "Church?"

What can you expect at a MOW Gathering?

We love the Holy Spirit and welcome Him to every gathering. We believe He is the administrator of all we do. We believe Jesus is the Head of the Church, not a pastor or leader. We believe the Father has a dream to accomplish on the earth, and we want to be a part of it in anyway we can!

We value family... old and young. We value the Body of Christ and the many facets of what that reflects of Jesus. We are transdenominational... expecting to grow more and more into a people that reflect Jesus and not a movement or denomination. 

We value relationships and take time for that during each of our gatherings... for more than a handshake! Our best friends and colleagues are those we get to do Kingdom with.... all kinds of things... not just meetings, but family fun, worship, intercession, and vision!

We are often asked "Is MOW a Church?" The answer has always been, "I don't know, is it?" The Kingdom is released. The Power of God is evidence. Relationships are formed and cultivated. The Gifts of The Holy Spirit flow freely. People are trained and equipped. Disciples are made. Salvations, healings, miracles, ministry to the brokenhearted and poor happens all the time. We pray. We teach and are taught. We have testimonies of God's Grace.... and we love... so, are we a "Church?" You can answer that. We absolutely are a Tribe with people who indicate MOW as their family in all six continents of the world. We do believe that we are a part of "The Church" that Jesus is buildig around the earth! 

Kids are welcome to come. We encourage them to participate and encourage the parents to watch them.

Parking has been an interesting situation in many of our gatherings... but God always accomodates.

We are family, so we have no protocol for what you must wear to our gatherings.

We have Merges, MOWGroup, Tribe and local congregations who are part of our family throughout the region. We encourage you to become a part of the whole family! See the calendar for when and where those gatherings are happening this week and weekend.


Redefining Church
Have you read Danny's newest book that gives many of the values of MOW and gives directions to first steps in redefining Church that is authentic, non-traditional, non-religious, non-conformist, non-manipulative nor abusive Christianity.


WARNING: Those who have read this book have said they have completely altered their view of who we are as The Church and has produced a frustration that is motivating them to move in a vey different direction than they have been moving (in some cases for multiple decades). 

Redefining Church