Freedom ~ Joy ~ Love ~ Worship ~ Ministry ~ Spontaneity

Come expecting to be moved on by God … and to move in God … to be both a receiver AND a carrier of His Presence!

Kids remain with us during worship...

If you simply stay in your seat... you haven't engaged in the Merge!

If you don't get prayer.... you probably haven't really been to The Merge!

If you don't have fun... you definitely have not been to The Merge!

If you don't engage in some way, you may have seen The Merge, but really haven't Merged yet!


Housekeeping Notes:

Offerings are spontaneous THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE NIGHT.... (basket is up front) give as a part of your worship... out of gratitude (the offerings help pay for this facility, bless the worship leaders and musicians, and continue to release ministry in New England ….. so please give generously). Checks can be made to MOW and we do have slips for giving by Debit/Credit Card. You will notice that in the midst of a transition the plate may be passed. Please take your time and just pass it after you have written your check or given your offering.

Children are to be children... but should not become the center of attention and definitely should be under the eyes of their parents, making sure they don't abuse furniture or anything else, or go to areas of the building outside of our gathering. Children are more than welcome to engage in ministry. 

Banners are a part of our worship and we enjoy them up front as well as throughout the facility. Please make sure to express your worship without hitting people around you!

Art is also an expression that we welcome during our worship. Please bring your own drop cloth and make sure that your expression stays on your canvas or cloth!

If you have Word from the Lord (NOT PREVIOUSLY PREPARED) we invite you to share it after worship (or during the flow of worship at quiet times).

Physical Expression is an important part of worship.... which includes dancing, kneeling, laying down, and engaging in ministry … all of which is totally acceptable. Joy is encouraged. Love is highly recommended. Ministering to each other THROUGHOUT the evening is a part of what happens when we Merge!

Enjoy yourself..... Receive the love of the Father... and give that love freely to each other! Enjoy freedom.... everyone does!



His Dream? = "that they may be One, even as You and I are One"

His Investment? = "I've given them my Glory, THAT THEY MAY BE ONE!"


For those who want to know what a Merge is please watch the youtube video called "Merge 101"... the vision is for 10,000 of these across the USA .... and also others around the world. They are Holy Spirit led, unhindered, transdenominational regional gatherings full of freedom, joy, worship, healing, prophetic ministry and most important... The Presence Of God! If you don't want ministry, don't come... you will be prayed for! If you don't want to worship... don't come... because that will be extended! If you are coming to here a certain person, you will probably be disappointed... because we have come to hear His Voice and that can happen through many different voices!!! I am so grateful for what God is doing through the Merge ... we regularly have people from all over the region, across the country, and around the world! Come and join the fray of His Love!!!