We are looking for the ones who are hungry and need to eat … the ones who are homeless and need a place to be family … the ones who are lost and need to find their way … those who know there is more than what they have seen … but don’t know where it is. We know how that feels. Come with us, we are going there. 

Our Sunday begins at noon with a meal as a team. In our most developed “Tribe” we meet at 799 Main St, Worcester, MA 01610 for outreach and our Sunday Worship Service. Prayer, Fellowship, Outreach, Worship and Preaching. Other locations are starting in Vernon CT. Manchester CT and Bristol CT. We meet in Cafe’s, Fast Food Restaurants, Street Corners, and Parks and listen and respond to the final words of Jesus…to go everywhere telling people about Jesus, casting out demons, healing the sick and extending the Kingdom of God. We spend the afternoon making disciples of Jesus and gather as TRIBE in the evening for worship, miracle stories, encouragement and love … ready to carry on the next day and week doing it some more …

Mondays through Saturdays we listen and respond too…in our jobs, schools, neighborhoods… ending many of those days in Merges, MOWGroups, hanging out in homes and anywhere we can… praying, worshipping, and loving God.

It’s a new layer of MOW … something we have never done… it’s our version of Church… redefined… reimagined… revisions…  communities of family dreamed up by Jesus

A discipleship method that utilizes training of disciples by disciples