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On February 25, 2019 I awoke to hear the Lord say, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do amazing things among you.” Joshua 3:5 He then spoke again and said, “You are no longer going to be stepping into “Prophetic Bubbles”… this time now is “Prophetic Resolution.” It is determined… it is the intent… it is the resolve of what the Father has spoken. This Time is the objective, the plan, the purpose, the design and aspiration of the Lord!


It’s Time!


A year later, here we are after a Superbowl win by the Kansas City Chiefs fulfilling a 37 year old Prophetic word by Bob Jones. "The billion youth are coming in to inaugurate a sweeping Revival that will never end."


A few weeks ago the Lord spoke the words, "Where have you laid Him?" I quickly looked up the passages. John 11:34 and a very similar one in John 20:15. The first references Lazarus and what would amount to his "resuscitation", the second reflects the Resurrection of Jesus. They are remarkably similar but so vastly different. The one would die again in mortal flesh... The second would be raised forevermore in an incorruptible body. The Lord spoke to me that most of us have longed for resuscitation when God wants so much for us. The resuscitation brings back a fleeting glimpse of Life... just as every Revival, Awakening, move of God has done. We cry out simply for the glimpse and He has given it to us repeatedly. After all we are simply asleep as Jesus said. So He comes to wake us. And the church wakes up and repeats the routines and we call it Kingdom. But when Jesus was raised fun the dead so much more happened...and the looming question is, "Where did you lay Him?... Him? ...The One who didn't simply shed blood, but also shed His earth trapped suit with all it's thinking and limitations awaiting a final day. Where did you lay Him? You know, 'the Body of Christ'... Him?" The evidence on the early Church was that they, as 'the Body of Christ' moved and walked and spoke as the Risen Lord not the awakened Lazurus.


We really aren't looking for a Lazarus moment...we are going to see a Resurrection Life.  I've heard semantics over and over... we are waiting for Reformation, Rennaissance, Revival, Awakening ad infinitum...each declaring they have the correct revelation of what is coming. A recent comment by as young man broke my thoughts today with something I've believed for years... "We've been in Revival since the Book of Acts!" It's true. There was no giant sucking sound that vacuumed Holy Spirit back up to the Throne Room. He never evacuated. He never left. He's always been here as much as ever. There is no fresh outpouring...there is a fresh infilling on us. When we are filled were flow with Him but until then it's living like a body that will constantly need to be revived.


The ultimate resolution of prophecy is what Bob Jones would say was the most important vision God has...  "The restoration of all things" (Acts 3:21) The recovery of the intent of the Father... The pulling together of all things separated... The resurrection of what had been dead.

And we are in it. We are in that moment and season and epoch not only of seeing the release of profound miracles and instant healings and prophetic accuracy but to see the Church be what The Father always wanted The Church to be. One. Undivided. Infused with power and joy and love. A people...singular. In His Name... Walking His Walk. The actual, visible, eternal Body Of Christ! Resolution is fulfillment...with no unanswered questions. He's not laying somewhere. His power has not been left to history or memory. His ways are not antique cultural programs attached to edifices that have used His Name without His Power. His Glory ... that reality that actually enhances the beauty of God ... Is coming... and it's here!!! Get ready to see The Body of Christ... Get ready to see the Church that Jesus built!


Danny Steyne

February 3, 2020