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"Going through TSA on the way to Atlanta. Took an hour to rummage through my Bible, notes, and passport... X-rayed me once...and my bags 3 times...endured three pat downs... and one very invasive pat down before telling me they couldn't find the explosives that were triggering an alarm on their system on three separate occasions... I think it might have been the Word. Dunamis! Atlanta, what awaits you this weekend? I was on my way to a meeting where Jean Nicole would join me with a word that said "A Holy Ghost Joy Bomb is going to go off at the meeting!" It did!!!  Excited to see an explosion of His Presence and Power in New England!

MOW Saturday nights is for the hungry... those desirous of nothing more than the very Presence of God. We all bring food and gather at 6pm to fellowship and enjoy the family God is bringing together. Usually through the evening there is worship, healing, impartation, prophecy, some teaching and lots of ministry from many of those who have been a part of MOWTeam for a long time!
If your interest is for organized structured meetings... you won't want to be here... we flow and encourage people to experience God! If your heart is for family, and long relationships as that... you will likely enjoy us!